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About Bill

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After being homeless at age 14, Bill founded and then grew B&B Demolition for 18 years, sold the company in 2015, and continued to help other Edmonton companies grow as an investor and mentor. Bill is a well-known Edmonton philanthropist through his work with Kids with Cancer, the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Singing Christmas Tree, and Sorrentino's Compassion House - among many others. He is a three-time recipient of the National Philanthropy Day Award, was Alberta Venture's Construction Person Of The Year (2013), and was named a Business Leader of Tomorrow by Business in Edmonton Magazine. Now, as a long-time resident of Ward 6 with his wife Grace and son Steven, Bill wants to bring his unique experience and abilities to Council and help City Hall respect your tax dollars, the homeless, and your neighbourhood.

Self-Made Businessman

Humble Philanthropist

Lucky Family Man

More Than Just Words — Bring Common-Sense Back to City Hall

About Me

Bill's Priorities

My platform focuses on 3 main issues:

1) More Value for Your Taxes

Bill will protect every dollar and cent of your taxes, hold management accountable, help frontline city workers find efficiencies, communicate their great ideas to council, champion entrepreneurship, promote economic development, and bring business-minded decision making back to city hall.

2) Compassionate City 2.0

Bill believes we should invest in the homeless and save your tax dollars long-term through city-funded nonprofit-operated Wellness Centres that offer guaranteed day jobs, meals, showers, counselling, and basic medical services – including safe injection - all under one roof.

3) Accountable to Your Neighbourhood

Bill will propose mandatory weekly door-knocking between elections so that Councillors must face their constituents' concerns about infill development, road and alley maintenance, and crime – the issues that affect you every day.

What Else Matters to Bill?

  • Robust Economic Development
  • Smarter Transportation
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Supporting Edmonton Arts
  • More Green Space & Environmental Sustainability
  • Better Managed Infrastructure Projects
  • Promoting Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Thoughtful Heritage Preservation
  • Keeping the "Accidental Beach"
  • Infill Development Done More Respectfully
  • Lower Neighbourhood Crime
  • More Affordable Housing
  • Chinatown Revitalization
  • Neighbourhood Renewal Done Right The First Time
  • Reducing Predatory Photo Radar

Where and When to Vote

Election Day: Monday, October 16, 2017 (9am-8pm)
Ensure you bring 1) Valid government-issued photo identification, and 2) Something that has your address on it to verify you live in Ward 6 (can be the photo ID if Driver License, or a piece of mail).

Please use the City of Edmonton “Where to Vote Tool” here:

Or see where to vote in your neighbourhood below:

Westglen School: 10950 127 Street NW (9am-8pm)

North Glenora
North Glenora Community League: 13535 109A Avenue (9am-8pm)

St. Vincent School: 10530 138 Street NW (9am-8pm)

River Valley Glenora / Westmount
Robertson-Wesley United Church: 10209 123 Street NW (9am-8pm)

Grovenor School: 10345 144 Street NW (9am-8pm)

Grovenor School: 10345 144 Street NW (9am-8pm)

Queen Mary Park / Downtown
St. Catherine School: 10915 110 Street NW (9am-8pm)

Central McDougall / Downtown
St. John’s Cultural Centre: 10611 110 Avenue NW (9am-8pm)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada: 9425 109A Avenue NW (9am-8pm)

Riverdale School: 8901 101 Avenue NW (9am-8pm)

Boyle Street / Downtown
St. Teresa of Calcutta School: 9008 105A Avenue NW (9am-8pm)

Rossdale Community League: 10135 96 Avenue NW (9am-8pm)

River Valley Victoria / Oliver
Oliver School: 10227 118 Street NW (9am-8pm)

Oliver / River Valley Victoria
Oliver School: 10227 118 Street NW (9am-8pm)
Kiwanis Place: 10330 120 Street NW (9am-8pm)
Hellenic – Canadian Community Culture Centre: 10450 116 Street NW (9am-8pm)
Grace Lutheran Church: 9907 114 Street NW (9am-8pm)
Grandin School: 9844 110 Street NW (9am-8pm)

First Baptist Church: 10031 109 Street NW (9am-8pm)
First Church of Christ Scientist: 10810 100 Avenue NW (9am-8pm)
where to vote


Your support and contributions enable us to run an effective campaign! Thank you for your contribution.

To Donate by Cheque: Please make cheques payable to "Bill Knight for Ward 6".

Any donations over $100 will be disclosed in my campaign disclosure


Donor Disclosure List

Bill believes Edmontonians deserve transparency, trust, and honesty in their city councillor. He is grateful for the friends, neighbours, colleagues, and people he's done charitable work alongside of who share his vision for Ward 6 and Edmonton and he is proud that they contributed to his campaign. Bill challenges all other candidates in Ward 6 and across Edmonton to disclose their donor list BEFORE the election.

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